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In general, you need to put some pure water when the wipes being dry. don't need to add water at the first.
This Chefhandy wipe warmer adopts surround heating method, which can warm the whole pack wipes.
Yes, this wipe warmer has a regular plug, needs to plug into power. Only 20W rated power, saves energy.
The round shape button above power button is the temperature select button. If you only press power button, doesn't select temperature button, the wipe warmer keep stand by, never heating.
There are only 3 small Indicator light for 3 modes,little bright, do not affect sleep. You can't turn the indicator light off when the wipe warmer working.
No, it does not run on batteries. It only runs on electricity.
Sure, Constant Temperature Storage
Customers who buy from Chefhandy website, we will provide 2 years free warranty to customers. If the machine has any quality problem, we will help to replace it for free.
Yes, I love that it has two different brush heads that can clean cups of different calibers, not just baby bottles.
The unit will keep a constant temperature when the desired temperature is reached. the unit will shut off if there is not any action after 24 hours.
Firstly, select the Power Button. Next, press the Mode Button, the bottle image display, now it's the Warming mode. Then, you can use "+" and ''-' to adjust the temperature to reach your Setting, such as the video display 42℃, the 34 ℃ is the current water temperature in the video. Finally, Pre-setted temperature and current temperature will be displayed alternately, till reach 42℃.
The maximum size of the baby bottle that can be accommodated is 3.7inch in diameter and 9inch in height.
This bottles warmer just warm the milk or baby food. it's a good choice if you warmer food for your child age 3-5 year.
The baby bottle warmer can sterilize the bottle or silicone hose which belong to the breast pump, Instead of boiling in the pan.
Of course. Heating breast milk is the fundamental function,you also can sterilize the bottle after feeding baby by the Sterilizer function.
It only takes 12 minutes to heat up to 40 degrees Celsius.
There are 3 options: sterilizer only, dry only, auto sterilizer and dryer. If you want it sterilizer first and automatically dry then, AUTO function is perfect for your need.
We suggest you use the purified water. The purified water will not leave too many impurities after it is boiled dry, so it is easy to clean.
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