6 Tips For Breastfeeding In Public


As a new mum, will you be nervous to breastfeed in public?
Please don't worry! We prepare six tips for you to get rid of your worries.

1. Practice makes perfect

If you didn't try to breastfeed in public, you may feel anxious about it. Please try practicing at home in front of a mirror so you can see what you look like while feeding. You will find that you're not exposing too much of your breast, as your baby's head is covering it.

You can breastfeed in a supportive environment for the first few times, and you may find it is an easy thing and feel more confident about breastfeeding in public.

2. Dress for the occasion

When it comes to what to wear when breastfeeding in public (and for breastfeeding in general), there are lots of options. If breastfeeding goes well and you intend to continue, it might be worth investing in a few items of nursing wear to make life easier. Such as nursing tops, or you can pick some tops and dresses with buttons or a zip at the front, dungaree-style straps, or side-openings. Or try wrap-around styles or cowl or shawl necklines that you can pull down. If you don't want to purchase specific breastfeeding clothing – you can layer up two of your normal tops. What worked for some mums is wearing a stretchy camisole, which you could pull down on one side so it hooked under the breast you wanted to feed on, under a looser top that you pulled up. The looser top covered your chest and the camisole concealed your belly.

3. Research ahead

Before venturing out with your newborn, make a list of good places to breastfeed in public near you, so you don’t have a last-minute scramble to find somewhere. Shopping malls, department stores and babywear shops often have baby-feeding rooms, which are quiet and private with a comfy chair and changing facilities. Many cafes and hotel lounges also welcome breastfeeding mothers.

4. Consider a breastfeeding cover

Some mums like to use a nursing cover-up for privacy when feeding their babies in public, and there are lots of styles to try. From simple shawls and ponchos to specially designed wraps or aprons with a semicircle of wire on the top so you can still see your baby while she feeds, there should be something to suit you both. There’s also the option of feeding your baby while she’s in a sling or carrier, which will support her, as well as give you privacy.
But you should consider whether your babies like shawls draped over their heads while breastfeeding. If your babies hate being covered while feeding, you don't need to spend this money to buy such kind of cover.

5: Know your rights.

In many countries, you’re legally entitled to breastfeed in any place open to the public, and there are laws to protect breastfeeding mums. If you’re unsure about what breastfeeding in public laws are where you live, try doing some online research – government or public health websites are a good place to start – or consult your healthcare professional. Otherwise, you could ask local mums or nearby friends and relatives about what their experiences have been.

If you’re breastfeeding your baby in public and someone complains, you could politely remind them of your legal rights. If you feel that a business, such as a shop or a cafe, has discriminated against you by asking you not to breastfeed, you may be able to make an official complaint, again depending on how you feel and the laws where you live.

6. Take someone with you.

Go with a friend who has an older baby, she can take you to places and give you lots of tips on breastfeeding that she already knows. You could go with someone else, such as your mum, partner, sister or friend so that there's always someone to talk to.

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