Something You Should Know About Silicone Baby Bibs


Believing some parents may feel confused about something related to baby bibs. In this article, we will introduce when should a baby start wearing a bib, the features of silicone bibs and we will also provide you with some tips on how to choose the right one for your child.


Do Babies Need Bibs?

Generally, we recommend that newborns wear baby bibs because some babies spit during breastfeeding and general feeding. This will also save you from having to wash baby clothes every time you feed.


When Should A Baby Start Wearing A Bib?

1-2 weeks. Your baby can start wearing their bibs from the time they turn 1-2 weeks. It is one of the essential supplies for raising your little one.


Why Should You Use Silicone Bibs For Your Baby?


As we all know, babies love playing with their food at mealtime. However, it can sometimes be real work for parents to clean up after. Therefore, if parents use cloth bibs during mealtime, they need to clean the baby’s clothes often. Sounds like the chores would never end.


The Advantages of Silicone Baby Bibs Over Cloth Bibs


Easy to Clean

Arguably, the best feature of silicone baby feeding bibs is the ease of cleaning.

Since they are made of food-grade silicone, you can simply wash off food stuck on the feeding bib on the sink with dish soap or put it in the dishwasher. In addition, you don’t have to spend that much effort scrubbing off stains and crumbs. You can find comfort in the thought that bacteria won’t stay and multiply on your child’s bib.


Does Not Stain and Waterproof

when the cloth bibs gets wet, you will have to wash it completely and wait for it to dry. It could be a long process.

Instead, you won’t have that problem with a silicone bib. It’s resistant to stains, so your baby can try all types of food, wet or dry. And since it is waterproof, you don’t have to pop it in a dryer. It will dry off quickly enough for the next mealtime. You can save more time from cleaning and drying with these waterproof silicone baby bibs.


Comes with an Attached Catch Tray


Usually, cloth bibs don’t have a catcher; crumbs and food debris go directly to the floor, and the liquid of food gets your baby's clothes wet. To solve these problems, a silicone baby bib has an extra-wide pocket at the bottom to catch falling food and liquid. This feature is great for minimizing your cleanup work.


Safe for Your Baby


You may be hesitant to use plastic materials for your baby’s needs. And silicone is always considered plastic by many parents, so you may have reservations when considering buying a bib made out of silicone. Please get rid of the misunderstanding! A silicone infant bib can be BPA-, lead-, and PVC-free, which is totally safe for your baby.


Easy to Store and Carry Around


A silicone baby feeding bib is easy to roll and fold. As a result, it doesn’t need much room space. In addition, it’s portable, so you don’t have to worry about taking up too much space in your bag when your family decides to eat out in a restaurant or have a travel outside.

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